BTS Jin’s Iconic Response When Asked About The Toys In His Bathroom Has ARMYs Divided About Its Meaning

Jin knows the art of “never let them guess your next move”.

On November 12, KST, BTS‘s YouTube channel BANGTANTV released the first two episodes of Jin‘s new show with chef Baek Jong Won. “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey” gave viewers a generous peek at the star’s personality through different settings- as he learned to make traditional Korean alcohol from veteran artisan Park Rok Dam, while he joked around like a close friend with chef Baek, and even through showing glimpses of his bathroom.

(from left to right) Chef Bark Jong Won, Jin, and Park Ro Dam | BANGTANTV/YouTube

ARMYs noticed some eccentric items in his bathroom that carried the typical Jin vibe. Besides the white bathtub stood a gigantic floatie, almost bigger than the tub in size. On the tub’s edge, fans noticed several kids’ toys lined up, along with a kids’ showerhead.


While most ARMYs assumed that it was just Jin being Jin, some were curious to know if those toys were for his newborn nephew or any other baby in his family. One fan took their question to Weverse and asked Jin in translator-generated-Korean if the toys in his bathroom were for kids.

| Weverse 

Jin replied, saying that those were indeed his toys and he uses them while playing with water. But like the true marketing genius he is, Jin ended his response with an open invitation to interested advertisers.

| Weverse

I use them when I play with water. Advertisers, please contact me.

—Jin, Weverse

One-half of the fandom is extremely endeared at the revelation that Jin actually plays with those toys. The other half is in splits because they believe Jin is just joking, especially because of the cheeky add-on.

 Though Jin meant it jokingly, his brand reputation is genuinely very high to attract actual businesses to hire him as their endorser. But in another post where a fan said he will now get many brand deals, Jin swiftly clarified that he is only bothered with making good content that ARMYs would enjoy instead of starring in advertisements.