BTS’s Jin Tried To Have A Simple Interview, But Things Quickly Turned Chaotic

Jimin and Jungkook love causing trouble!

When it comes to BTS‘s BANGTAN BOMB videos, fans never really know what to expect. From proving Jungkook could really be Spiderman to behind-the-scenes content, BTS is always treating ARMYs to special videos to make them laugh! The recent video was no different.

Members of BTS | BigHit Entertainment

In the most recent BANGTAN BOMB, ARMYs were taken behind the scenes of the “Butter” music video shooting. As the oldest member, Jin tried to take it upon himself to introduce the video properly and give fans more context about what was happening.

Unfortunately for Jin, two of the youngest members in the form of Jimin and Jungkook thought it would be funny to mess around with their older brother. As Jin tried to tell the camera that they were dancing to verse two, Jimin and Jungkook arrived saying, “It’s all a lie, don’t believe him,” while trying to push him away.

As Jin tried to get control of the situation and start again, it seemed like his members weren’t going to make it easy for him! Jungkook even started chasing Jin around the set so he and Jimin could take their rightful places as the MCs of the video.

Yet, this time, Jin wasn’t going to let it slide, and, as his members started speaking, he took matters into his own hands to regain control again. However, chaos definitely broke out!

One person who seemed to find it all hilarious was J-Hope, who was an innocent bystander, exclaiming, “You’re not in your right minds.


In the end, Jimin and Jungkook also seemed to go against each other, and it meant that nothing really got accomplished during the video in terms of giving ARMYs information. However, it did manage to make them all laugh!

As expected, BTS knows how to make ARMYs smile with even the smallest things. There is no denying that the members are all proudly chaotic! You can watch the whole video below.