BTS’s Jin And J-Hope Can’t Stop “Teasing” V During Their Latest “FESTA” Video — Radiating True Chaotic Sibling Energy

It just proves how close they are!

BTS‘s V is loved by fans worldwide because of his unreal talent, dazzling visuals, and charismatic personality.

BTS’s V | @lilac_wht/Twitter

Yet, as one of the group’s youngest members, it isn’t surprising that his hyungs like to tease him.

On June 8, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when the BANGTANTV YouTube channel released a new video ahead of BTS’s 10th anniversary for the BTS FESTA event. In the video, the members wanted to give back to fans and decided to make their own slogans and advertisements for the historic anniversary.

At one point, the members were thinking about the slogans they could use and remembered the innovative choices ARMYs had made at concerts.

As ARMYs did with lyrics, Suga suggested taking the slogan from the lyrics of the track “Take Two.”

V then adorably tried to make things easier for the members by pointing out lyrics he thought would work perfectly. As expected, they were thoughtful and held a lot of meaning.

‘We’ll continue to be happy so let’s be happy.’ I saw this in Yoongi’s lyrics. ‘I was happy because I saw you. And I was healthier thanks to you…’

— V

When the words left V’s mouth, the members couldn’t stop laughing as Jin pointed out that it sounded like something for grandmas and grandpas. As Jin and RM started saying the lyrics again, the room was full of laughter.

Luckily, V knew his members were just joking and carried on with the joke…

While working on the slogan, V showcased how much he loved ARMYs as he was deep in thought.

Suddenly, J-Hope looked over his shoulder and couldn’t stop laughing after seeing that V had only managed to write “For 10 years…” in their given time.

After the other members had revealed their slogans, it was only V and Jungkook left. The group unsurprisingly wanted to know what V’s was and how far he’d come from his three words. RM immediately let the group know that “For 10 years had gone.”

The members couldn’t stop laughing when V’s slogan was… just a heart! While J-Hope exclaimed, “In the end, it’s just a heart!”…

Suga and Jimin reassured V by praising his design, and Jimin even explained, “If there were purple hearts all over Seoul, it would be really pretty.”

As always, BTS proves to be the cutest family, and the fact the older members liked to tease V proves how close they are and truly radiate chaotic sibling energy.

Source: BANGTANTV/YouTube