BTS’s Jin Won’t Stop Asking J-Hope For A Drink…And He Keeps Getting Ignored

Poor Jin. 😂

BTS‘s Jin just can’t catch a break! He’s returned to Weverse once again with the hopes of getting J-Hope’s attention.

Finding ARMYs thoughtful letters to J-Hope on the platform, Jin keeps putting his request to J-Hope in the comments.

Jwehope, let’s have a drink?

— Jin

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Hilariously, this isn’t the first time he’s attempted this…or the second! Earlier this month, Jin went on a commenting spree where he continuously asked J-Hope to go out for drinks with him.

And no, his commenting spree didn’t stop there! He also made sure to call J-Hope his hope to get on his good side…but still no response.

| @MCountdownMnet/Twitter

My hope Jwehope, let’s have a drink

— Jin

ARMYs find it both hilarious and relatable that J-Hope has yet to respond to Jin. In the meantime, Weverse has become a catalogue of Jin’s attempts to hang out with J-Hope!

Hopefully, the two will share the experience when it finally happens in the form of a selfie.

Until that day, ARMYs will wait with Jin for J-Hope’s answer!