BTS’s Jin Takes “Broke Millionaire” To A New Level For Jimin’s Birthday

Jin’s getting richer…and thriftier!

BTS‘s members are rolling in riches these days, but they’re still the same hilariously humble kings ARMY fell in love with!


Like many of us, these “broke millionaires” will lose their cool over hotel prices, fight for a bag of snacks, dabble in DIY, and more.

Jin, who is always willing to work a side hustle, took thriftiness to a whole new level for Jimin‘s birthday this year. As always, he had to be the first to wish his member a happy birthday, and he did it in leJINdary style.


Rather than buying Jimin a card, Jin wrote Jimin-ah Happy birthday..” on a torn piece of cardboard.

| Weverse

This isn’t the first time Jin has given Jimin a thrifty birthday card. Last year, Jin used a piece of tissue to wish Jimin happy birthday! What will he think up next year?

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Jimin, Happy Birthday

– Jin –

— Jin


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