BTS’s “Broke Rookie” Jin Is Working His Side Hustle Again

He’s a millionaire, but he keeps forgetting it.

If BTS‘s Jin wasn’t a world-renowned singer, he would still find ways to strike it rich!

Nowadays, Jin has plenty of cash to spare, but he still has the same “broke rookie” mindset he had back in BTS’s early years. He’s always up for making money on the side, whether that means selling items from music video sets, appreciation plaques…

…or even Shooky‘s friends.

Once again, Jin is bringing back his secondhand side hustle, but this time he’s all about fashion!

In Episode 105 of Run BTS!, the members finished up their DIY outfits, and Jin’s outfit was just like Jin: audacious and unforgettable.

Sparkly gold, glued pants and feather hats aren’t an easy sell, but he had the perfect model: Jungkook, the man who sells out everything he touches!

On Weverse, a fan posted screencaps from the show, pointing out that the members just didn’t know what to feel about Jin’s unintentional “penalty outfit”. Jungkook absolutely did not want to wear it, but he pulled it off nevertheless.

In reply, Jin took the opportunity to market his brand. “Selling clothes, make an offer,” he wrote. Start the bidding!

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