6 Of BTS Jin’s Most Preposterous Ways To Make Money

He has mastered the “side hustle”.

BTS‘s Jin is now a millionaire, but he hasn’t lost his “broke rookie” mindset. Rich or poor, Jin is all about the side hustle. Here are 6 of his most preposterous get rich quick schemes!

1. Auctioning the statue from BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV

In February, Jin jokingly offered to sell the angel statue from BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video to the highest bidder.

It’s just sitting in storage, so why not?

The statue is at director Lumpens’ company storage room, but he said he’ll give it to me. I’m selling – drop offers.

— Jin

2. Brown-nosing his way into Weverse’s wallet

In 2019, Jin won an attendance award for practically living on Weverse.

Jin, however, wasn’t interested in recognition. He wanted cash!

3. Selling BTS’s appreciation plaques

In Episode 101 of Run BTS!, each member was awarded a gold plaque. Did somebody say “gold”?

When Jin saw the plaques, he immediately thought about selling them.

4. Selling RJ’s fur

When BTS brainstormed fundraising ideas for BT21‘s story, Jin suggested selling RJ‘s fur through home shopping. RJ with shaved arms? So what if it looks weird. Fur grows on alpacas, but money doesn’t grow on trees!

5. Selling Shooky’s friends

RJ isn’t the only victim of CEO Jin’s get rich quick schemes. Things took a dark and sinister turn when Jin told Shooky to sell his cookie friends!

6. Pulling a palace heist, then selling stolen gold

Poor TATA also got tangled up in Jin’s plots!

Thanks to Jin, TATA went from being a friendly alien to a master thief!