BTS Jimin And Jin’s Dark Version Of BT21 Would Be Banned From TV 

Their BT21 story isn’t for kids.

BT21 are happy-go-lucky LINE FRIENDS characters who spread love and positivity. At least, they used to be!

In Season 3, Episode 1 of BT21 UNIVERSE, BTS brainstormed plot ideas for BT21’s story, including ways to raise money for an album without the help of an agency.

Some of the members suggested using dance and NeoTube to earn cash, but Jin and Jimin had less broadcast-friendly ideas.

When Jimin implied that Cooky could use illicit activities to make money, Censor Suga stepped in.

Broadcast regulations must be followed! After all, BT21 are G-Rated cartoons.

Jin chimed in, saying they couldn’t create a “dark and sinister” BT21 for TV, but two seconds later…

…he told Suga to sell Shooky‘s cookie friends for profit! Shady deals, sacrificing lives — BT21: Dark & Wild would definitely not air…but we kind of wish it would?

Watch the episode here: