BTS’s CEO Jin And CEO Suga Are All About The Money

They were willing to selling anything…and anyone!

BTS‘s cartoon counterparts, BT21, are on a mission to spread love, but love is cheap. CEO Jin and CEO Suga want a return on their investments!

In Season 3, Episode 1 of BT21 UNIVERSE, the staff asked BTS what should be given to BT21 in 2020. Jungkook said “future”, RM said “narrative”, Jimin said “life”…and Suga said “sales”.

RM’s answer was the correct one, but it seems money-minded geniuses think alike.

Jin was also thinking about profits!

Suga’s thoughts went back to the bank during BTS brainstorming session. Whenever BTS gets hypothetical, Suga gets practical; he brings real-life factors into fantasy situations. If BT21 doesn’t have an agency, they have to find other ways to raise money.

CEO Jin agreed, 100%!

According to CEO Suga, you can’t become a star if you don’t have the funds to back your dreams.

How can they make that money? Jin volunteered to sell poor RJ‘s fur through home shopping, but that’s not the only thing he was willing to sacrifice.

Things took a dark turn when Jin suddenly suggested selling colleagues. He told Suga to sell all of Shooky‘s cookie friends, but they can’t really do that…can they?

Watch the whole episode here: