BTS’s “CEO Jin” Has Another Money-Making Scheme Up His Sleeve

An “honest living”? What’s that?

A big house, big cars, and big dreams? Jin will get them all with his money-making schemes!

In Season 3, Episode 1 of BT21 UNIVERSE, BTS brainstormed ways for their BT21 counterparts to raise funds to produce an album. Jin had no qualms about selling anything…

…and anyone to make a buck. Now, he’s at it again!

In the latest BT21 UNIVERSE episode, BTS continued to plot ideas for BT21’s fictional world. While the rest of BTS kept their money-making ideas on the light and fluffy side, Jin took BT21 down a darker path once again!

The show’s editors added dramatic music and a disapproving RJ as Jin turned sweet, innocent TATA into a palace-robbing thief!

As entertaining as that would be, illegal activity doesn’t fit with BT21’s story! RM quickly followed up Jin’s suggestion with this one, and eventually BTS decided that TATA would make an honest living by using his spaceship to run a delivery service.

Watch the episode here: