BTS’s Jin Forgot That He’s A Millionaire Again, And Nobody’s Surprised

His “broke rookie” mindset took over in the latest episode of Run BTS.

Talk is cheap. Jin, aka the CEO of “Jin Hit Entertainment“, is all about the money!

Over the past seven years, BTS have gone from broke rookies to wealthy superstars, but if Jin hadn’t debuted, he still would have ended up rich somehow.

Why? He’s a born businessman. For instance, in Season 3, Episode 1 of BT21 UNIVERSE, Jin told Suga to sell Shooky‘s friends to raise funds for BT21.

Shooky, a sentient cookie, selling his cookie “colleagues”. Is that a little barbaric? Yes. Is it a sacrifice Jin is willing to make? Oh, definitely.

It’s safe to say that he hasn’t lost his “broke rookie” mindset. Rich or poor, Jin is all about the side hustle. In February, Jin jokingly (?) offered to sell the angel statue from BTS’s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video.

The statue is at director Lumpens’ company storage room, but he said he’ll give it to me. I’m selling – drop offers.

— Jin

That isn’t the first or last time Jin considered selling BTS memorabilia to fans. In the latest episode of Run BTS! he was at it again. After playing impossible sports, testing their eyesight, jumping on a trampoline, and battling an obstacle course, each member was awarded a gold plaque.

Did somebody say “gold”? When Jin saw the plaques, he immediately thought about selling them.

Weverse subtitles.
Vlive subtitles.

Are fans surprised? Not at all. ARMY knows Jin is a millionaire even though he keeps forgetting it!

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