BTS’s Jin And Jimin Have The Best Reaction To V’s Iconic 2022 GRAMMYs Moment With Olivia Rodrigo

It’s a moment that will go down in history!

BTS‘s V has always wowed fans with his style, talent, and charisma since the group debuted back in 2013. It isn’t surprising that over the years, V has given ARMYs some truly iconic moments that will always be remembered. In particular, 2022 brought one of those memories after BTS attended the 2022 GRAMMYs.

Although all of the members truly stole the show, V caught the attention for a very special reason.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

It was during the group’s performance of “Butter” that the world went into meltdown.

In the intro of the song, the members all looked suave and sophisticated in their suits. Yet, V went one step further in one of the most iconic interactions ever as he got American singer Olivia Rodrigo involved.

BTS V’s “GRAMMYs” moment with Olivia Rodrigo | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/YouTube
| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/YouTube 

When it happened, the internet seemingly went into meltdown, and it was the talk of the entire show, with netizens gushing about V’s visuals but also how “jealous” they were of Olivia Rodrigo.

Well, even though ARMYs worldwide had the best reactions, one thing that hasn’t been seen is how the BTS members reacted to it after the performance.

In a recent video, BTS took fans behind-the-scenes of the whole event, from the rehearsals, preparation, and the day of the actual ceremony. Not only did it showcase the members’ work ethic and determination, but also their humorous side.


After the performance finished, BTS unsurprisingly went back to the green room to monitor their performances. The members weren’t sure of how they did until they watched and V sat with Jimin and Jin to see the entire thing and see how well their members did.

When it came to V’s epic moment with Olivia Rodrigo, the idol explained, “It looks like we’re really talking, right?” Both Jimin and Jin’s attention was firmly on the screen and they were so immersed that only Jin could reply yes.

ARMYs now know what happened between the two but the members didn’t at that time, so V revealed, “I was like ‘blah blah,'” and Jimin couldn’t stop laughing at V combining his charisma and acting talent.

Jin then couldn’t stop praising how good V looked, particularly when he threw the card to Jungkook before the performance actually started. It was so good that the group’s oldest member had the most relatable reaction, adding, “Wow, I got chills at the card throw.”

It isn’t surprising that BTS was as mesmerized, and it was good that they got to watch it back. In particular, after the event, V shared how nervous he had been, adding that he couldn’t actually remember everything that happened or even what he said.

ARMY: Olivia acted so well even though Taehyung didn’t whisper anything to her

V: I did say something but I was nervous about the performance so I don’t remember. I probably said, “You have to be surprised now.”

| Weverse

It might have been a few months since the epic moment but it’s amazing to finally see how the members reacted to V and Olivia’s skit.

You can read more about the epic moment below.

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