BTS’s Jimin Turned Jin’s Solo, “Tonight”, Into A Duet

They sang it live during their latest broadcast.

Two of BTS‘s vocal liners just gave fans an unexpected gift: a duet!


On August 14, Jimin surprised fans with a live broadcast, featuring Jin and RM. They talked about whatever came to their minds and did some singing too.


At one point, Jimin–aka BTS’s #1 cheerleader–played Jin’s beautiful lullaby, “Tonight”.  Jin and Jimin laughed and chatted as it played…


…then started to sing. Unfortunately, their first “take” didn’t go smoothly!


“Take 2” started out sweet and serious…


…but quickly turned silly. Adding humor may have helped Jin to relax, since he was feeling a bit shy at the time!

If I close my eyes
I think I’ll remember the times that we are together
When I close my eyes
I think I will only remember the happy memories

— “Tonight” lyrics (English translation)


Even though Jin and Jimin were just playing around, there’s no denying how gorgeous their voices sound together. Here’s hoping that they’ll release the official recording someday!


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