A Fan Told Jimin His Shirt Was Too Revealing…Then RM Walked In

RM unintentionally one-upped Jimin during his livestream.

BTS is taking a vacation from idol life in the public eye, so you know what that means. Surprise Vlives from Jimin!


BTS’s 2-month hiatus began on August 12 but, for now, the members are still keeping in contact with their adoring ARMY. Jimin has already gone live with fans more than once, just to chat.


For his August 14 broadcast, Jimin wore a flattering, striped T-shirt with a plunging neckline. A viewer commented on this, saying the shirt was too revealing.


In response, Jimin hiked up his shirt and said that he would take his outfit choices into consideration for the next broadcast.


If this fan thought Jimin’s shirt was too revealing, one can only imagine how they reacted when a bare-footed RM waltzed in, wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He’d just come from working out.


RM isn’t shy about showing his physique. Plus, it’s summer.


Summer is hot. 


As usual, RM stans are feeling super attacked…


…and many are pointing out the hilarious irony of the situation.


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