BTS Jin’s “Jirisan” OST “Yours” Removed From Spotify, ARMY Demands Answers

The entire soundtrack for K-Drama “Jirisan” has disappeared.

BTS Jin‘s OST for tvN K-Drama Jirisan “Yours” has vanished from the music-streaming service Spotify.

“Yours” OST cover. | tvN

As we approach the 200th day anniversary of the release of history-making and fan-favorite OST “Yours,” it has seemingly disappeared off of Spotify.

On May 24, ARMYs noticed that “Yours” was unable to play in their Spotify playlists. Naturally, they were not happy.

And, when you visit Jin’s Spotify profile, the only songs available to stream are versions of his and V‘s duet “It’s Definitely You” from K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.

So, now ARMYs are calling on Spotify, BTS’s label BIGHIT MUSIC, and Korean drama production company Astory Entertainment to fix the matter.

It was also realized that the entire Jirisan soundtrack had been removed from Spotify. So, it seems like Astory Entertainment is the one responsible for the OSTs’ sudden disappearance from the music-streaming service.

Additionally, a Jin fan account (@thejinprlnt on Twitter) spoke with someone from Spotify’s customer service to inquire about the issue, and it appears to indeed be due to Astory Entertainment.

| @thejinprlnt/Twitter
| @thejinprlnt/Twitter

So, it is not Spotify responsible. Instead, it was said to be the artist. Although, since Jin’s artist page is run by BIGHIT MUSIC, and all other Jirisan OSTs are also gone, it could only actually mean to be that Astory Entertainment is the one responsible.

| @thejinprlnt/Twitter

Unfortunately, even if the music label reuploads the songs, previous streams would not be restored, according to the Spotify customer service agent.

| @thejinprlnt/Twitter
| @thejinprlnt/Twitter
| @thejinprlnt/Twitter
| @thejinprlnt/Twitter

Fans are only more concerned now. So, they are attempting to restore Jin’s OST by trending “BRING BACK YOURS ON SPOTIFY” and tagging the music labels in question on Twitter.

At the time of writing, “BRING BACK YOURS ON SPOTIFY” is trending on Twitter with 10.3K related tweets.

Source: @thejinprlnt

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