BTS’s Jin Jokingly Pulls Rank In Reaction To J-Hope “Stealing His Content”

ARMYs react to the hilariously chaotic “2seok” friendship 😂

BTS‘s Jin and J-Hope are back at it again, with the group’s eldest member hilariously reminding J-Hope of his seniority while jokingly claiming the younger member stole his content.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @jin/Instagram

Since his enlistment in December 2022, Jin has updated fans monthly via pre-recorded video messages as a thoughtful way to keep in touch with ARMYs.

Jin’s July video was recently released, and shortly after, ARMYs were surprised by a letter from J-Hope, who enlisted in April 2023.

BTS J-Hope’s July letter to ARMYs | Weverse

In his letter, J-Hope updated ARMYs on his experience so far in the military, including his recent appointment as an assistant training instructor.

Hi ARMY! Hope you’ve been well. What a beautiful weekend! I’ve completed the lectures on training instructor research at the 36th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center and been appointed as an assistant training instructor. So I’ve been serving as one for one of the group divisions. I haven’t been able to come by and share updates since I’ve been so busy… But I still wanted to leave a short letter and say hi.

— BTS’s J-Hope

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

J-Hope shared how busy he’s been while serving his military duty. He compared serving in the July heat to promoting last summer as J-Hope, reflecting on how different the experiences are while his “passion for the future” remains the same.

Serving my military duty in this July heat, I was reminded of last year around this time, when I was busy promoting as J-Hope.
These are two completely different parts of my life, but what remains the same is my passion for the future!

— BTS’s J-Hope

BTS’s J-Hope headlining “2022 Lollapalooza” last July | Weverse

He concluded his letter by thoughtfully telling ARMYs and his fellow military personnel to take care of themselves in the summer weather.

I guess what I wanted to say today was that no matter when and where I am, I’m still J-Hope—living each moment as the same Jung Ho Seok. Haha.

ARMYs, please be careful in this heat. Also, take care of yourselves amid the monsoon season. Wishing the same for all other military personnel and trainees, too! Stay healthy. Choongsung! (Salute)

— BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope ahead of his enlistment | Weverse

Following the letter’s release, BTS’s Jin quickly responded, hilariously claiming the younger member “stole” his content in the Weverse comment section.

Jin, who is currently a Corporal, jokingly pulled rank with J-Hope, who is currently a private first class, daring the younger member to make eye contact with him when they get together during their vacation time.

| Weverse
  • What’s this? Is this “Hobi’s Letter”? You’re copying my content, man. You better pay your dues.
  • “How dare you, a mere private, steal content from a corporal! Don’t even think about making eye contact with me when we hang out during vacation.”
  • “Also, remember you’ll be disgracing all of BTS if you fail to get that “Special Warrior” title.”
  • “Bring home [the title] by the end of this month.”

ARMYs reacted to the hilarious conversation, one of multiple entertaining exchanges between the two since J-Hope confirmed his military enlistment.

Fans showed exactly why they couldn’t take Jin’s “no eye contact” joke seriously as they shared clips of J-Hope and Jin’s close bond and fun, chaotic friendship.

Jin and J-Hope are both working hard during their enlistment, and fans are grateful for the thoughtful content prepared for ARMYs while they’re away and the memorable interactions when they can use social media.

Jin’s response to J-Hope’s letter also mentioned that the younger member needed to bring home the “special warrior” title “before the end of the month.”

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