Here’s Why BTS’s Jin Was Convinced Jungkook’s Dog, Bam, Was Trained By A Foreigner

His reason makes a lot of sense!

BTS Jin‘s latest interaction with Jungkook‘s dog, Bam, had him convinced that the dog had been trained by a foreigner!

BTS’s Jin | BTS/Weverse

On the final episode of In the SOOP 2, Jin headed to Jungkook’s room to wake him up and let him know that he had made breakfast. As soon as Jin entered the room, Bam ran over to greet him.

| BTS/Weverse

Jin happily petted the adorable dog until Jungkook told him that Bam needed to stay in his kennel for a while longer. Jungkook said that Bam had spent a lot of time out of his kennel, and he needed to get in the habit of staying in his kennel.

Jungkook told Bam to go back in his kennel in Korean, and Bam didn’t listen. He stayed by Jin’s side. Finally, when Jungkook said “house” in English, Bam went inside his kennel.

Jin was impressed by Bam’s understanding of English, and he said, “I guess foreign dogs are different. You need to speak English to him.” 

Jin decided to test Bam’s English skills to see just how much he understood. He said “out” in an attempt to get the dog to come out of his kennel, but Bam didn’t budge.

After he realized Bam wasn’t going to come out, Jin got in Jungkook’s bed to try to wake him up again.

Once Jungkook was fully awake, he headed to the bathroom to wash up. Once he heard his dad moving around, Bam came out of his kennel once again. Jin tried to tell Bam to go back in the kennel, but Bam didn’t understand. Jungkook told Jin he had to say it in English, and he told Bam “house” once again.

Bam went back in the kennel after Jungkook said “house,” and Jin exclaimed, “He understands ‘house!'”

Jin was so shook by Bam’s understanding of “house” that he asked, “Was the person who trained Bam a foreigner?”

Jungkook said Bam wasn’t trained by a foreigner, but we can totally see why Jin would think that based on Bam’s understanding of English words!