BTS’s Jungkook Apologizes To His Dog Bam For The Sweetest Reason, And It Proves He’s The Best Dog Dad Ever

He’s so sweet πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ

BTS‘s Jungkook has proven himself to be a great dog dad time and time again!

BTS’s Jungkook | BTS/Weverse

Jungkook brought his Doberman, Bam, with him to the set of In the SOOP 2, and the show has given ARMYs lots of cute interactions between Jungkook and his dog to replay over and over again.

Jungkook and Bam | @glowmingi/Twitter

On the finale episode of In the SOOP 2, the members enjoyed a great dinner together. They ate steak, truffle mushrooms, and beluga caviar.

Jungkook definitely enjoyed the meal immensely! He finished off the last of the tenderloin sandwiches Suga had made.

After dinner, Jungkook went to his room to check on Bam. As soon as he saw his dad, Bam’s tail started wagging.

Jungkook was just as happy to see Bam as Bam was to see him, but he noticed that Bam’s food bowl was empty. He felt a little guilty that he had eaten such a fabulous meal while Bam didn’t have any food.

As he prepared Bam’s dinner, Jungkook said, “You must’ve been hungry. I had a feast while you were hungry.”

Then, he said, “Sorry about that.”Β 

Jungkook made it up to Bam by carefully mixing his food, ensuring Bam enjoyed his dinner just as much as Jungkook enjoyed his.

Bam definitely forgave Jungkook, and he even preferred playing with his dad to eating his dinner! Jungkook had to tell Bam to eat several times before he started eating his meal.

Jungkook’s apology to Bam showed just how much he cherishes his dog. Although he couldn’t have known that Bam had run out of food while he ate his own dinner, Jungkook was worried that his dog was hungry while he had fun with his fellow BTS members. Clearly, Jungkook’s caring nature has made him one of the best, most thoughtful dog dads ever!