BTS’s Jin Drops A New TMI About Jungkook…Who Was Just Minding His Own Business 

Jin told the whole world about it.

“NamJin” fans, rejoice; BTS‘s RM and Jin are back with a brand new broadcast!

Jin and RM

Today, RM and Jin went live to chat with ARMY while eating tasty food and putting together BT21 crafts. They answered fans’ questions, revealed how their dads became best friends, and of course, shared new TMIs (Too Much Information).

Rather than volunteering a fact about himself, Jin shared one about the Golden Maknae, Jungkook.


“Today’s TMI, Jungkook hasn’t washed his hair for two days,” Jin told RM, as if sharing hot gossip.


Jungkook, of course, wasn’t there for the broadcast, but fans imagine he might have reacted like this…

…or this. (Can’t a guy and his dirty hair just live in peace?)

“How about hyung?” RM asked Jin. Jin said he washed his own hair that morning and takes very good care of his hygiene, thank you very much!


In the next breath, however, Jin admitted this isn’t completely true. The longest he has ever gone without washing his hair is six days! “I don’t wash my hair if I don’t have a schedule,” he said, laughing.


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