BTS’s Jin And RM Reveal How Their Dads Became Best Friends

Like fathers, like sons.

If you’re looking for your daily dose of wholesome BTS content, you’ve found it!

Jin and RM 

Today, Jin and RM hosted a “NamJin” broadcast to hang out with fans, eat, craft, and chat about whatever came to their minds. In some ways, Jin and RM are total opposites, but that’s part of what makes their friendship work so well.

Jin neatly making BT21 crafts while RM spills blocks all over the floor. | V LIVE

At one point, Jin revealed that his dad and RM’s dad are also best friends. “How did they get close?” RM asked. “Are they similar?” 

| V LIVE   

According to Jin, their dads became close because their families used to live near each other. They were like neighbors, who became friends.


How often do the dads see each other? A lot. Just like Jin and RM, the dads meet up at least 360 days out of the year!

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