BTS’s Jin Carries Jungkook And Park Myung Soo “Princess Style” With Ease…Kind Of

Here’s what happened when he picked both of them up!

Recently, BTS‘s Jin made a guest appearance on comedian Park Myung Soo‘s YouTube channel, Hal Myung Soo. While playing friendship Jenga, the two did a series of hilarious missions together to grow their bond.

One of the missions required a display of physical strength, and Jin didn’t back down!

Jin: “How much do you weigh?”

Myung Soo: “70 kg.”

Jin: “[Reading mission] ‘Hold your friend in bridal style.’ I weigh 59 kg.”

Myung Soo: “I don’t think it will work.”

Jin cited the fact that he can carry Jungkook, one of BTS’s heaviest members.

Jin: “It’s okay, I held Jungkook before. He weighed over 70 kg.”

Myung Soo: “I appreciate it, but…”

Jin: “I can handle you. Quickly.”

Myung Soo: “You will get so many troll comments in English.”

Jin said it won’t happen and urged Myung Sooto hurry.

Be careful of the waist. I’ll have to sell JTBC if you get hurt.

— Myung Soo

Though there was a little bit of a struggle, Jin hoisted up Myung Soo just fine!

You’re lighter than I thought!

— Jin

Jin: “I can maybe do a squat.”

Myung Soo: “Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.”

Jin “Okay, I’ve got an idea” *Struggles*

Even though Jin did a good job lifting Myung Soo, it turns out back then he was exaggerating when he said he could lift Jungkook!

Since Jin doesn’t weigh that much, it’s much easier for Jungkook to carry him instead!

Watch the full show below.