BTS’s Jin Gets A Sneak Peak Of Lee Hyun’s New Song, And Proves He Is A True Fanboy

We love Lee Hyun x BTS interactions!

Over the past few weeks, Lee Hyun has proved that he has the best relationship with BTS as he took on the role of their manager. During this time, the members even proved that they are also the biggest Lee Hyun fanboys, with J-Hope and Suga showing their love for his songs.

Ahead of the release of his latest song, “Moon in the Ocean,” Lee Hyun sat down with member Jin to listen to the track.

Before the track even started, Jin knew that it would be because he couldn’t stop praising the title and the mystical story behind it.

With his headphones in, Jin seemed fully immersed in the song, feeling the emotion Lee Hyun conveyed within the melody. He must’ve been enjoying it so much that he didn’t realize he was raising his voice as he praised the track.

Lee Hyun then asked Jin how the vocals were, and his answer was positively heartwarming.

Your voice is always a treasure. How do I put this? It feels like a sea of emotions, and your sense of rhythm is amazing.

— Jin

After finishing the song, Jin explained that the song “reminded him of the ocean” and that it was the perfect song for this time of year.

People looking for your voice and emotion, and people trying to cool down in this hot summer, will enjoy this song.

— Jin

Although the song isn’t released yet, Jin asked all the fans to listen to the track once it comes out. He’s promised to listen to it twice after it’s released, and he wants ARMYs to join him! Make sure to watch the whole video below.


Source: 혀니콤보 TV