BTS’s Suga and J-Hope Show That They Are True Lee Hyun Fanboys, And We Can’t Blame Them

They all ooze talent!

In his past few videos on YouTube, singer Lee Hyun tried out various jobs within HYBE. He recently joined the management team for BTS, joining the group on their schedule from interviews and preparing for performances.

During the video, V and Jin were already inspired by Lee Hyun and wanted to try out being his manager in return for taking care of them throughout the day. Yet, they weren’t the only members who just couldn’t stop sharing their love for their sunbaenim.

While Lee Hyun performed his managerial duties helping the members get ready for their performance of “Butter,” J-Hope asked if he could do them another favor outside of his new role.

Hyun, shouldn’t you sing, ‘You Are The Best Of My Life’ with the headset on? Or ‘Curse?’

— Jin

As J-Hope started singing his own rendition of Lee Hyun’s track “악담” (romanized as ‘Curse’), Suga added that it was also his favorite song adding, “The live version of ‘Curse’ is the best. You should release the live version.

It seems as if this love for this particular Lee Hyun song came from an experience J-Hope and Suga had of watching him perform it live at a concert.

You and I listened to it at the concert, that’s why. Nothing can beat that. ‘Curse’ is the best!

— Jin

After Suga explained that he would love to see Lee Hyun release a rearranged version of the track, Lee Hyun joked, “Please tell that to the company.” Yet, even he had to admit that “Curse” was one of his favorite tracks

It seemed as, even after the duo were ready to perform, they couldn’t stop praising Lee Hyun’s song and got really into the song. J-Hope even praised Lee Hyun, saying, “The song goes really well with Hyun’s voice.

Since debuting in 2009, there is no denying that Lee Hyun is extremely talented! It is heartwarming to see just how much love BTS has for Lee Hyun and his music. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 혀니콤보 TV, FI and FI