Lee Hyun Became BTS’s Manager, And Now V And Jin Want To Return The Favor

Could you imagine it?

In his latest YouTube videos, singer Lee Hyun tried his hand at jobs within HYBE. Most recently, he took on the role of manager for BTS, and after a series of interviews, it was time to take the group for their next set of activities.

Yet, although Lee Hyun found it hard, he seems to have a real talent for it and might have actually inspired others to follow in his footsteps.

The first person who wanted to have a shot was V! While Lee Hyun was helping him to get ready for the performance, V wanted to know whether they could have a try at being Lee Hyun’s manager next time! However, it seems as if Lee Hyun wasn’t as fond of the idea.

It seems as if V had thought hard about it and even knew what role he wanted to do, which was the driver, and what other jobs the members would have to do.

One of us will be the driver, and one will handle the water. Let me be the driver because I like racing, you know.

— V

The next member who volunteered to try his hand at being Lee Hyun’s manager was the eldest member Jin. After making sure to be the last person to say goodbye to their manager, Lee Hyun told Jin that he should try it. Like V, Jin seemed enthusiastic replying, “I’ll be your management team next time!

He also seemed to have his role down to a tee, watching those around him and knowing exactly what responsibilities he’d have.

I’ll drive you and pick you up, but you didn’t pick us up, though. I’ll do that!

— Jin

With video proof, Lee Hyun was adamant that this was kept in the video so that he could make sure Jin stuck to his promise! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 혀니콤보 TV, FI and FI