Lee Hyun Continued His Journey As BTS’s Manager, And Here’s How It Went

It is definitely a tough job!

In a previous video on his YouTube channel, soloist Lee Hyun started his new role as BTS‘s manager. He recently released the second part showcasing what happened during the group’s hectic schedule.

After checking to make sure everything was all set for the members in the next location, it was time to ensure that all members were ready. As always, the members showcase just how much they care for their staff as J-Hope made that their new manager had eaten.

Yet, when it seemed to get too much for Lee Hyun, eldest member Jin came to the rescue!

The next task was the toughest, according to the members. It was time to wake up a sleeping Jungkook. Luckily, that also went without a hitch as the maknae woke up looking as handsome as ever. Even as the day went on, Lee Hyun seemed to make a habit of waking up some of the group’s younger members.

Like in the previous video, despite trying to remain professional, it seemed like Jimin couldn’t help but show his love to Lee Hyun!

Luckily, not even Jimin’s love could distract Lee Hyun from his job. As the group took to the stage, he ensured that they had everything they needed, including om their microphones and ensuring that the members were always hydrated. He even showcased that he is perfect to be their manager with his intense BTS knowledge!

Yet, even though he was the group’s manager, the members couldn’t help but call on the expertise of singer Lee Hyun when it came to their butter performance.


After the group shone in their performance of “Butter,” it was time for Lee Hyun to share how his day went with the group. Despite knowing the members for so long, even he was shocked by the group’s packed schedule.

At the end of a tough day, Lee Hyun finally got some time to reflect on his day and just how tough the role is. Luckily, the last thing he saw was Jin’s handsome face, and it definitely ended a memorable day for both Lee Hyun and BTS!

Source: 혀니콤보 TV