Lee Hyun Becomes BTS’s Manager For The Day, And Here’s What Happened

How do you think he got on?

In his latest YouTube videos, singer Lee Hyun has been trying his hand at various jobs within HYBE, from being TXT‘s photographer and shooting footage for ENHYPEN. During his latest video, it was time for Lee Hyun to join the management team to help some familiar faces.

His first job was to go and pick the artists up, and fans got to see exactly who Lee Hyun would be working with. It happened to be none other than Jin and Suga, showing fans that Lee Hyun would be working with BTS!

Luckily, all of the members got there in one piece, and it was time to start the day of schedules. Going into the role, Lee Hyun wanted it all to be formal and treated the members as if it was their first time meeting.

With this mentality, the first thing on the agenda was to meet the rest of the members and let them know about what would be happening during the day. Despite knowing each other, Lee Hyun tried to stay in character and emphasized that he was there for work.

Yet, as hard as he tried to keep the relationship formal, he couldn’t help but break character for Jimin!

With some of the formalities sorted, it was time to start work, and Lee Hyun had the job of setting up the room, so they had everything they needed, including water and helping the members with their in-ears. Yet, while someone was prepping him, Lee Hyun bumped into more of the members!

With all the introductions done, it was actually time to get some work done. Yet, it seemed like the members and Lee Hyun were struggling to stick to a formal relationship.


With such a friendly and cheeky relationship, the members thought that Lee Hyun looked very familiar, and maybe that was the reason for their close bond.

After the first schedule of the day was done, there was no time for rest, and the group quickly started preparing for the next activity of the day. Lee Hyun seemed to cope very well with his first taste of being the group’s manager.

With hopefully more content from Lee Hyun and BTS coming soon, fans will get to see how he copes with the demands of being BTS’s manager. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 혀니콤보 TV