BTS’s Jin And Lee Young Ji Inspire An Iconic New Meme

A new BTS meme has been born.

The season finale of rapper Lee Young Ji‘s hit YouTube show My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare) with special guest BTS‘s Jin finally released this week, and it included many iconic moments. The two also inspired a new meme…

In one scene, Young Ji declares she is a member of the BTS ARMY. Jin responded by asking for the exact year she became a fan. Her response was priceless as she shyly looked away while he continued eating.

ARMYs were shook by the sudden interogation. Many joked that he would ask for their ARMY FESTA exam score.

ARMYs agreed that this shot in the episode was total meme material.

It reminded some of this iconic GIF from The Simpsons. 

But once ARMY got the idea, they delivered on memes. So, they kept sharing their creative memes made from the screenshot from My Alcohol Diary. Many were related to the recent news of BTS’s military enlistment.

Of course, being it was a Jin meme, some were especially related to him and his love for “dad jokes.”

Most memes were ARMY inside jokes that we could all easily laugh at, from “Yoongi, marry me” to Twitter vs. Weverse.

There are also memes non-fandom related that anyone on the internet could relate to.

Last but not least… The perfect meme to commemorate “Super Tuna” now being available on Spotify!

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