All Previous BTS Jin’s Solos Are Finally Available To Stream On Spotify

Time to chart “Super Tuna!”

You can now listen to all of BTS Jin‘s released solos on Spotify.


While Jin has released solos such as “Awake,” “Epiphany,” and “Moon” as BTS for the group’s albums, he also released solos “Abyss,” “Tonight,” and “Super Tuna.” Still, they were only available to listen to either YouTube or Soundcloud.


Finally, ARMYs can stream all of Jin’s solos on Spotify!

One week before the release of Jin’s new solo single “The Astronaut” on October 28, Jin’s previously released solos appeared on the music streaming application.

Before, one could only listen to Jin’s K-Drama OSTs “Yours” (Jirisan) and “It’s Definitely You,” featuring V (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth) on his artist page.

| Spotify via @jinnieslamp/Twitter

There are now a total of 8 songs, including many of our favorites, “Super Tuna,” “Abyss,” and “Tonight.”

Spotify via @jinnieslamp/Twitter

Last year, Jin released the trot-style song “Super Tuna,” which became a fan favorite among ARMY, although Jin himself has seemed to “regret” ever releasing the comical song.

In contrast, Jin’s “Abyss,” released in 2020 on his birthday, is a deeply personal song. He expressed his true feelings of anxiety and burnout in it.

After talking about many different topics, I was able to put my feelings into this track and share what I wanted to say through ‘Abyss.’ That’s how this song came to be. I want to relay my thanks to Gye Bum Ju hyung once again. The song is a bit depressing for a birthday song but I felt that there would be no other time to release ‘Abyss’ so that is why I chose to release it.

— Jin

Jin released the song “Tonight” for 2019 BTS FESTA celebrations. He wrote this wholesome song for his late pets.

ARMYs are very excited that they can now stream all of Jin’s solos.

Sorry, Jin, we will be charting “Super Tuna.”


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