BTS’s Jin And LINE FRIENDS’ RJ Makes An Unexpected Appearance On “MasterChef”

Jin would be so proud!

BTS and LINE FRIENDSBT21 characters are always making unexpected appearances worldwide!

BTS’s Jin wearing RJ

At celebrity meet and greets


Tom Holland waving at Incheon Airport.

…and even a star-studded Gucci fashion show.

Now, Jin-created beloved alpaca RJ has made an appearance on the reality cooking show MasterChef Indonesia, based on the original British series of the same name.

From left: Juna Rorimpandey, Renatta Moeloek, and Arnold Poernomo. | RCTI

During a recent episode, judge Renatta Moeloek pointed out the plush RJ in a contestant’s kitchen.


The contestant explained that RJ is her lucky charm. So, she brings him everywhere she goes.


Jin would be so proud!


The judges did ask if she could put RJ farther away from the kitchen area, likely to avoid an accident or getting dirty.


It seems only fitting that RJ, known as the foodie of the BT21 group, like their dad, make an appearance on the show.

RJ even has a mukbang series!

Jin, too, is known for his eating videos, and he is quite skilled in the kitchen himself.

Yet, considering MasterChef is famous as one of British chef Gordon Ramsay‘s series, we can’t help but think of the time Ramsay “roasted” Jin’s cooking on Twitter.

One day, Jin will truly prove his skills to him!

Watch the MasterChef Indonesia clip below.

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