BTS’s Jin Is Truly The Main Event After Attending The VIP Premiere Of “Emergency Declaration”

Jin looked at home on the red carpet with his visuals and manners!

Since debuting, BTS‘s Jin has truly cemented his nickname “Worldwide Handsome.” Whether it’s on stage, at events, or just hanging out, the idol has always wowed netizens with his visuals that seem like a leading man in a movie.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Well, it seems as if BTS’s oldest member has done it again and cemented his status as “Worldwide Handsome” after attending the VIP premiere of the film Emergency Declaration.

On July 25, it was reported that Jin would attend the premiere of the movie, starring the likes of Song Kang Ho, Im Siwan, and netizens noticed it also starred Kim Nam Gil, who is one of Jin’s role models.

Kim Nam Gil meeting BTS at the 2021 “Golden Disc Awards”

Even before Jin even arrived at the premiere, fans from different countries had gathered at the event to show their support for the idol. Many had even brought their own BTS merch.

The first glimpses of Jin came from Korean netizens who found pictures of the idol from photobooth pictures taken at the event. Straight away, netizens couldn’t get over the idol’s visuals in a pale lemon cardigan.

Luckily, fans didn’t have to wait long to see Jin grace the event’s main red carpet. At first, the initial videos of the idol seemed to be quite grainy, but luckily, Korean media outlets were there from the very beginning to watch Jin make his grand entrance.

Even waiting for his name to be called, Jin looked like a true prince and even continued to showcase his impeccable manners by greeting everyone around him.

As soon as his name was called, Jin started walking as if he was a runway model but still ensuring that he greeted everyone that was waiting for him, including some lucky fans who managed to touch the idol.

When Jin eventually made it onto the stage, his visuals definitely shined, and netizens attending revealed that the whole venue went wild for the idol, cementing his “Main character status.” He treated netizens worldwide to some adorable aegyo before wowing with his visuals.

There was just something about Jin’s visuals that sent the entire crowd into meltdown.

Even as he got off the stage, Jin had such class and grace that it isn’t surprising to see netizens and media gushing over his appearance at the event.

When the event had ended, K-Media made sure to continue treating netizens to some amazing content, releasing HQ images of the idol from the red carpet. Whether he was being cute or just standing there, Jin truly cemented his legendary status.

Jin even shared his own images of the full premiere look, and he truly gave off regal charms that even a Disney Prince couldn’t imitate.

| @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram

Before, during, and even after the event happened, the phrases “KIM SEOKJIN” and “ACTOR JIN” started trending worldwide with ARMYs sharing their love for BTS’s Jin and how loved he was during the event. In particular, many hoped he would eventually be attending a premiere where he was an actor as the idol has a lot of experience.

As always, Jin managed to capture the hearts of netizens worldwide with his dazzling visuals and charming personality. Although Jin was only a guest at the premiere, he seemed to become the main event as he gained attention from everyone attending and netizens watching worldwide.


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