What's Happening In Korea

What's Happening In Korea

Korean Mom Saves 12-Year-Old Daughter From Pedophilic Taekwondo Instructor, Shares Text Exchanges That Show “Grooming”

These messages captured the 20-year-old instructor trying to make moves on the daughter.

Inside “Ilbe”: What Exactly Is This Korean Website And Why Has It Become So Problematic?

Here’s a deep dive into the history of the troubling online community.

BTS Have Extra Security At Airport For LA Trip, And They’re Straight Out Of “Squid Game”

Airport security is not enough to protect BTS!

Korean Woman’s Death Gets Caught On CCTV As Her Unconscious Body Gets Dragged Around By Her Boyfriend

May she rest in peace.

SM Entertainment Is Giving K-Pop Fans A Chance To Learn More About K-Pop’s Rich History Through A “Remastering Project”

Expect HD versions of older music videos and covers of iconic songs!

Disturbing Halloween Video Gets Taken Down After It Unexpectedly Captures The Korean “Molka” Spy Cam Crime In Action

“This seriously makes me throw up in my mouth a little.” 🤢

Korean Theater Brand “MEGABOX” Accused Of Allegedly Tampering With Female-Led Movie Posters, Sparks Heated Debate Over Misogyny

The cinema chain has not yet responded to the criticism.

Thousands Of South Korean Union Workers Dressed In “Squid Game” Uniforms Rally For Improved Workers’ Rights

The show’s message resonated with them.

TvN’s Upcoming K-Drama “Melancholia” Sparks Online Debate Over The Potential “Student-Teacher Romance” Premise

It’s getting heated between viewers who think it’s problematic vs. viewers who want to wait and see.

Starbucks Korea Baristas Band Together To Protest Excessive Workload

“We just want to sell coffee instead of being involved in marketing campaigns all year long.”