BTS’s Jin To Make Guest Appearance On Park Myung Soo’s YouTube Channel

This is definitely going to be a fun episode!

Recently, comedian Park Myung Soo released a teaser video through his YouTube channel, Hal Myung Soo, revealing that BTS’s Jin would be appearing in the next episode. The teaser alone gained much attention from global fans as he has been making surprise appearances on various shows.

He’s also living up to his title of “worldwide handsome” as he showcased his flawless visuals once again.


Jin, who has recently submitted his notice to cancel his military postponement, will now be called to his military service soon. With this, Jin has been busy filming various content for fans before taking up his mandatory military service.

Fans also couldn’t contain their excitement for this episode!

  • “Why is he so handsome??”
  • “Omg my two favorites are meeting!!!”
  • “Oh wow this is going to be such a fun episode.”
  • “I’m going to subscribe now.”

He will also be appearing on today’s episode of SBS‘s Running Man, which was originally postponed due to the Itaewon tragedy. On the other hand, Jin will appear on Hal Myung Soo on November 6 at 5:30 PM KST. Watch the full teaser video below!