BTS’s Jin Called His Looks “Average” And ARMY Was NOT Having It

Jin teased fans about his Worldwide Handsome looks.

The world is full of beautiful people, but there’s only one Worldwide Handsome!

| @chilsungcider/Instagram

From debut until now, BTS‘s Jin hasn’t been shy about complimenting his good looks or sharing his beauty with the world. He playfully introduces himself as “Worldwide Handsome” every chance he gets, often using his humor to break the ice in interviews.

Fans are forever chatting about Jin’s visuals on Weverse, but one comment recently caught his attention; “So very…handsome, Seokjin oppa.” 

In reply, Jin left two comments. The first says, “Isn’t this average in South Korea?” 

He added, “I look handsome because of makeup.” 

Average? Him? ARMY was absolutely not having this. One fan boldly called him “Liar Jin” and complimented his bare face. “Liar Jin, your bare face is so handsome!!!!!!!!!” 

As always, Jin came armed with a witty response that’s just so him. “It’s covered with makeup called ‘handsomeness’,” he wrote.

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