BTS’s Shirtless Jin “Killed” ARMY With His Sexiness, Here’s How He Reacted 

He reached out to a fan who just can’t handle his sexiness.

BTS‘s Jin is lethally good-looking, and nobody suffers more from it than ARMY!

One look at Jin is all it takes to destroy fans beyond repair, but they’re not complaining…much.

In fact, ARMY often thanks BTS’s stylists for Jin’s gorgeous outfits…

…or lack thereof? One delightfully tormented fan wrote about their suffering on Weverse. They posted a shirtless photo of Jin with the caption, “Oppa, I’m dying.” 

In reply, Jin jokingly promised to save ARMY from death by shirtlessness. “You can’t die,” he wrote, “so I’ll take care of my clothes in the future!” 

The question is: does ARMY want him to keep his promise?