A Heartwarming Detail In BTS Jin’s Video For ARMY While He’s In The Military Is Making Fans Teary-Eyed

Did you catch this?

While serving in the military, BTS‘s Jin is releasing monthly content that he prepared prior to his enlistment so ARMY can still see him every month!

This time, Jin has prepared a full Valentine’s Day concept with delicious macarons.

Jin used chocolate frosting to write a special message only for ARMY.

Of course, he had to start with “ARMY.”

Then, out all of the messages he was thinking of choosing, the one that fit the best was “I love you!” Seems like it was fate.


He diligently finished preparing the macarons, but did you notice something extra special about this video?

Jin actually points it out towards the beginning that he purposely has 7 macarons to represent the 7 BTS members!

Since there’s 7 of us in BTS, I prepared 7 macarons!

— Jin

BTS will always be 7!

Watch Jin’s full video below.