Weverse Is Pure Chaos On New Year’s Eve, And BTS’s Jin Is Loving Every Second Of It

He has his popcorn ready for the drama.

K-Pop fans are celebrating the end of 2020 with two end of the year shows: MBC Song Festival (Gayo Daejejeon) and 2021 New Year’s Eve Live (NYEL).

| @weverseofficial/Twitter

NYEL features Big Hit Labels artists, including BTS, and special guests, like Halsey. When fans logged into the Weverse app to buy last-minute tickets and shed last-minute tears for their bank accounts, BTS’s Jin had a front row seat to the action.

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Under this advertisement for NYEL, Weverse users boldly cursed out Big Hit Labels for making them go broke, cursed themselves for being broke, protested the lineup for NYEL, and more. Little did they know Jin was watching.

2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE Last day of 2020 with BTS, buy the live stream ticket now!

— Weverse

In the comments, Jin wrote, “(laughing) after always seeing good comments then seeing the comments here, it’s a totally different atmosphere (laughing)”. “Sihyuk-hyung [Bang Si Hyuk],” he added, “this ad is getting cursed at (laughing).” 

Jin has a great sense of humor and takes things in stride, but Weverse users might want to think twice about their posts. You never know who might be reading them!