Jin Notices A Fan Going Wild At BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Concert In Seoul

They were too extra to miss.

After two years, BTS is finally performing live in Seoul again. Fans are thrilled, to say the least!

BTS’s Jin | @BEelmariajin/Twitter

On March 10 (KST), BTS held Day 1 of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert at Olympic Stadium in Seoul. To keep everyone safe from COVID-19, fans did not have permission to cheer, but they did have permission to clap with these clappers provided at the venue.

As expected, the use of clappers led to some hilarious moments, entertaining both fans and BTS’s members.

While J-Hope was speaking to the audience, one particularly enthusiastic fan caught Jin‘s eye.

The fan was flapping their clapper so ferociously that Jin burst out laughing!

Jin pointed out the fan to Jungkook and imitated their wild clapping…

…so, of course, Jungkook just had to mimic them too!

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