BTS’s Jin Is Hilariously Shook After Hearing Lee Young Ji’s Response To His Teenage Drinking Habits On “My Alcohol Diary”

“I was an exemplary student…”

If you were to put two of the funniest and most chaotic people in K-Pop together, it would almost be impossible to choose just one. Well, it seems like netizens might have a new favorite duo in the former of BTS‘s Jin and Lee Young Ji, especially after they appeared together on the final “My Alcohol Diary” episode.

BTS’s Jin (left) and Lee Young Ji (right) | @youngji_02/Instagram

Well, the episode was finally revealed. From the very beginning of the video, it was truly chaotic, and ARMYs couldn’t get enough.

Fans were gutted to hear that the recent episode of “My Alcohol Diary” was going to be the last. Yet, Lee Young Ji made sure to pull out all the stops for the finale and Jin. Even Jin was surprised when he revealed the staff had told him Young Ji had prepared a weapon of a 58% alcoholic drink.

Of course, considering it’s a drinking show, Lee Young Ji wanted to know all about Jin’s drinking habits. So the rapper asked Jin, “Have you ever drunk a drink that is over 58% alcohol-proof?”

Unsurprisingly, Jin replied that he had and even shared the story with ARMYs. The idol shared that he drank a beverage that alcoholic when he was 19, and Young Ji added that it was usually the age people “divagate” or stray away.

This is where Jin started to panic as he explained that he was actually an exemplary student at that age. He even got worried when he had to double-check that he was actually allowed to drink at 19.

Jin then got shaken by Lee Young Ji’s outgoing personality as he explained, “When I was still going to school and when my tension went up.”

He then turned the tables when he gave Lee Young Ji a fright asking whether it’s okay for underaged people to drink. Luckily, he was just joking and showing off what “old people” usually say.

Yet, it wasn’t the only time Jin spilled about his teenage drinking habits. During the video, Jin was relatable AF when he explained that at 19, he used to drink Bacardi and the memories he had from it… or lack of.

When I tried to light up a fire on it, it did light up a fire After drinking two shots of it, I blacked out in front of the crosswalk on the way back home.

— Jin

It seems like, despite being seemingly perfect at everything, even Jin had a relatable past when it came to alcohol. It was also funny how, for a second, Lee Young Ji almost had him worried he was drinking underage.

You can read about the excitement even before the episode aired below.

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