ARMYs Praise BTS’s Jin For His Honesty About The Upcoming Seoul “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Shows

It shows how much BTS love ARMYs!

Although BTS might be one of the biggest groups in the world and therefore have a lot of expectations and rules in what they can do, they are always honest with ARMYs no matter what.

Recently, member Jin gained attention for his honesty when speaking to fans about their upcoming PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in Seoul.

BTS’s Jin

On March 7, Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook surprised fans with an unexpected live broadcast. The video was full of fun and chaos, including the members clowning ARMYs, creating rumors, Jin talking about his hair, “Super Tuna,” and much more.


One moment stood out the most to fans. At the end of the broadcast, the members shared their last messages to fans before the concerts.

When it was time for Jin, he shared just how happy he is for the upcoming shows and how much he appreciates what ARMYs have gone through to attend.

We saw what our ARMYs have been going through for the concert, like ticketing and things like that. It seemed like everyone was excited and happy now that we were finally doing a concert in Korea.

— Jin


Yet, Jin’s next statement gained praise because of his honesty. He shared that he was extremely excited about the concerts in Seoul, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the concert would not benefit the company financially.

Also, well, this isn’t something that we should say. To tell the truth, this upcoming concert is going to be close to a loss financially.

— Jin


The main reason for this is the restrictions. Unlike their US shows, the Seoul Olympic Stadium capacity is only being filled by a quarter. While the venue can usually hold around 65,000, the concert is only allowing 15,000 per night.

Considering how much it would cost to hire the venue for the shows and rehearsals, the tickets did not even fill one usual event pre-COVID during all three nights.

Olympic Stadium at full capacity 

Although Jin admitted this, he also emphasized that he wouldn’t have it any other way as it has been too long since they’ve last performed live in front of Korean ARMYs.

But even so, I feel good. Just the act of getting ready for practices and looking forward to seeing ARMYs soon, all these concert-related schedules always make me so happy.

— Jin


His next comment then cemented just how much the group loves their fans as Jin explained that no matter what happens to them, as long as ARMYs are happy, BTS doesn’t care.

Because ARMYs are happy, even if we suffer a loss or get physically worn out, I just want to tell you that I am happy.

— Jin


After the broadcast, ARMYs couldn’t stop praising the idol on every social media site. For them, it showed how much Jin is willing to risk speaking about topics that most idols wouldn’t even dream of, showcasing K-Pop groups’ real lives.

As always, BTS has proven just how much they care for ARMYs that performing in front of them is more important than anything. It also shows that Jin trusts fans enough to be honest with them about things like money, disbandment, and much more.

You can read more about the broadcast below.

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Source: BTS/ VLIVE