“Produce 101 Japan” Season 2 Contestant Is Gaining Attention For His Resemblance To BTS’s Jin

Get ready to stan!

Produce 101 Japan Season 2 has recently revealed the 101 competing trainees — but one of them is rapidly gaining attention.

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According to viewers, the young trainee bears a striking resemblance to global superstar, BTS‘s Jin.

BTS’s Jin

Sano Yudai is a 20-year-old singer with a soft and soothing voice.

Sano Yudai | Produce101.jp

You might notice some similarities between himself and the BTS member, especially when he’s singing.

The outfit, expressions, and hairstyle are all reminiscent of BTS’s eldest.

There is a similar vibe between the two that even netizens have noticed.

  • “Woah, the f*cking resemblance…”
  • “Oh… the alpaca atmosphere is similar.”
  • “Their nose and mouth makes them look alike.”

However, he admits the artist he admires the most is BTS’s Jungkook!

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Sano Yudai he has many other things to offer besides being a look-a-like. He was born in Osaka and has wanted to be in the entertainment industry ever since he was young.

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He loves playing games and has a special knack for imitating people.

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You can get to know him below through his introductory videos for Produce 101 Japan Season 2. Watch him sing…

…introduce himself in a minute…

…and answer some questions about who he is!

Source: theqoo