BTS’s Jin Proves He’s Keeping A Close Eye On His Fellow Members While He’s Away

Jin has a request for Jimin, and ARMYs think they know why. 😂

BTS‘s Jin, the group’s oldest member, began his mandatory military service in December. While he’s not able to communicate as frequently with ARMYs, he’s made a few surprise virtual appearances since he completed his boot camp, and each one has left ARMYs smiling.

(From left to right) BTS’s V, Suga, Jungkook. Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and RM | @bts_twt/Twitter

Jin assured ARMYs before his enlistment that he would check in when he could and shared that he prepared pre-filmed content, which has been released as monthly messages.

BTS’s oldest member has been keeping in touch with his fellow members too, and they often update ARMYs on how their hyung is doing.

BTS’s J-Hope, Jin, and Jimin | @jin/Instagram

[Jin’s] face looks really good. He ate really well compared to before. Hyung keeps eating, so I was like, ‘Hyung, why are you eating so well?’ He said he just ended up eating really well. I guess you end up eating well when you’re there, hahaha. I think he also gained a little bit of weight. He looks healthier than before.

— BTS’s J-Hope

In a few instances, Jin has appeared on social media to respond to his fellow members, and it’s often hilariously on an unrelated post, keeping ARMYs on their toes.

BTS’s Jin Is Back On Weverse With New Enlistment Jokes, This Time For Both J-Hope And Jimin

This time, he’s back to request a copy of Jimin‘s FACE album, and ARMYs believe it’s because he spotted that Jimin was giving out signed albums. BTS’s J-Hope and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang showed off their signed copies on Instagram just hours earlier.

BTS J-Hope’s signed album from Jimin | @uarmyhope/Instagram
BIGBANG Taeyang’s signed album from Jimin | @__youngbae__/Instagram

On Jimin’s Weverse post from April 4th, Jin hilariously left a comment requesting a signed copy for himself while acknowledging Jimin’s historic number 1 ranking on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart.

Oh, by the way, it’s raining quite a bit today! Please be careful on the roads. I hope you have a happy day.

— BTS Jimin’s Weverse post

  • Jin: “Hey, Billboard #1 Artist. I want a copy of your album, too.”
  • Jimin: “Look at you telling me what I already know, haha. Of course, I [have one for you]. Of course!”

ARMYs responded to Jin’s request, many thinking he saw J-Hope’s Instagram story showing that he’s making time to keep up with his precious members.

ARMYs could already picture Jimin running off to ensure Jin gets his signed album.

This isn’t Jin’s first return to Weverse to interact with his fellow members.

Check out his reaction to J-Hope’s upcoming enlistment in the article below!

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