BTS’s Jin Is Back On Weverse With New Enlistment Jokes, This Time For Both J-Hope And Jimin

He will never let you have a dull moment in life.

On April 1, BIGHIT MUSIC put out an official statement informing fans that BTS member J-Hope will be enlisting in the military soon for his mandatory service.

HYBE Makes Official Statement Regarding BTS J-Hope’s Military Enlistment

The rapper then posted a smiling selfie on Weverse, asking ARMYs “not to worry too much” about him.

| Weverse

Soon, fans flooded the post with supportive comments, wishing for his safety and promising to wait for him until he returns. But the emotionally charged comment section soon turned into a sitcom scene when the group’s eldest, Jin, decided to tease his younger member.

| Weverse

Jin is always a pro at diffusing tensions and making his members or ARMYs laugh when the situation isn’t ideal. When J-Hope had first announced that he would be enlisting in the military soon, Jin came running to Weverse to joke with him and play the senior card. Needless to say, the hilarious exchange between the two was a huge stress booster for fans.

BTS’s Jin Got Jokes For Days About J-Hope’s Upcoming Military Enlistment

This time too, the BTS hyung came to the rescue with his dry humor. Jin commented under J-Hope’s selfie, faking astonishment that he could smile even at this moment. In response, Jimin cracked up so hard that he begged his hyung to stop joking around. Jin then hit him back with a cold reality check that soon Jimin won’t be able to smile as well.

| Weverse

[19:23] Jin: HAHAHAHAHAHAH I see you’re still smiling.

[19:25] Jimin: LOL. You’ve lost it, hyung. Hahahahahaha. Stop cracking jokes. Hahahahahahaha.

[19:26] Jin: You won’t be smiling too long either. Heh.

The reminder probably did a number on Jimin, who replied with a crying emoji. A minute later, Jin replied, saying he isn’t laughing much himself either!

| Weverse

[19:27] Jimin: 😭…

[19:28] Jin: TBH, I’m not smiling all too much either.

J-Hope finally joined the banter and joked that he has achieved the state of nirvana.

| Weverse

LOLOLOLOLOLOL [I’ve reached] nirvana. It’s nirvana…

— J-Hope

ARMYs couldn’t help but LOL at this sibling-like dynamics among the trio and are happy to laugh along with their chaotic shenanigans.

Correction: This article has been updated with more accurate translations of the members’ Weverse comments.


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