BTS’s Jin Shows The Reality Of Being A 10-Year Idol While Preparing For His “The Astronaut” Performance In Argentina

Jin had a unique way of getting ready for the show 😂

BTS‘s Jin is currently completing his mandatory military service, but before he left, he made sure ARMYs had plenty of pre-filmed content to watch while he’s gone.

Most recently, a behind-the-scenes video of Jin’s trip to Argentina was released, showing his unique preparations for debuting “The Astronaut” at British rock band Coldplay‘s concert.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Coldplay worked on “The Astronaut” with Jin to make a beautiful send-off song for ARMYs to express his gratitude and love before his 18-month military service.

BTS’s Jin performing “The Astronaut” at Coldplay’s concert in Argentina

Jin showcased his incredible friendship with Coldplay and his dedication to ARMYs by making the day-and-a-half trek from South Korea to Argentina, having to take a connecting flight in the U.S. for a total flight time of around 36 hours.

Taking advantage of his time in the air, Jin hilariously filmed a mini-mukbang, showing off the meals he was served mid-flight.

After his flight, Jin spent his second day in Argentina rehearsing, and his behind-the-scenes video showed the reality of a 10-year idol preparing for a significant performance.

Jin was getting ready in the most Jin-way possible and was seen hyper-focused on playing video games backstage, immersed in his own world.

Jin shared that he had spent five hours playing the game, four hours at his hotel, and one hour in the waiting room before rehearsals.

While many idols may focus on unwinding and relaxing before an important show, Jin spent his time getting worked up…

… before eventually beating the game.

That night, he lived his best life at Coldplay’s concert, enjoying the show from the crowd and dancing along with an infectious smile.

On the day of his concert performance, Jin prepared by beginning an impromptu karaoke in his hotel room after a second “mukbang.”

Jin’s vocals were concert-ready, even while casually singing and cleaning in his “Good Day” pajamas.

After completing his performance, he went right back to playing video games, showing a calm that is only natural for an accomplished artist who is ten years into his career.

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