BTS’s Jin To Release His Solo Album Following J-Hope, The Singer Announced Himself During Busan Concert

It might be a collaborative project.

BTS just wrapped up their “Yet To Come In Busan” concert, with almost 100,000 people attending the in-person performance and millions all over the world joining in through official live streams. During the ending speeches of the individual members, Jin announced on stage that he will soon be releasing his solo album!

Jin added that it wouldn’t be a full-length album. Unlike J-Hope‘s 10-track solo record Jack In The Box, Jin’s release will be a single album. According to the singer himself, for the single, he collaborated with an artist he has admired for a long time.

ARMYs are speculating that Jin’s upcoming appearance in Lee Young Ji‘s show My Alcohol Diary will promote this single album. Since he also revealed that he had prepared various content that will be released soon, ARMYs are excitedly gearing up for what is about to come their way.


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