BTS’s Jin Responds To An ARMY Who Seemingly Felt “Jealous” Seeing The Idol Touch Lee Young Ji’s Hand On “My Alcohol Diary”

Many ARMYs found the message to Jin cringy and unnecessary!

The creation of social media platforms like Weverse has given fans the chance to communicate directly with their favorite idols. BTS‘s Jin is no different and regularly interacts with fans on the platform, no matter how “unusual” the messages might be.

Well, BTS’s Jin once again caught the attention of fans after responding to a fan about his recent appearance on My Alcohol Diary.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Well, it isn’t surprising that everyone had questions for the idol on Weverse after his appearance on My Alcohol Diary with Lee Young Ji.

As expected, the episode was not only truly chaotic but showcased a different side of Jin. Between the idol and Lee Young Ji, the video managed to make ARMYs worldwide LOL.


Yet, it seems as if Jin has recently had to take to Weverse to clear up some “rumors” about one of the scenes in the episode.

During one part of the video, Jin and Lee Young Ji was playing a drinking card that involved cards. As expected, with a lot of alcohol being drunk, it was chaotic from the very beginning, which only made it funnier to watch for ARMYs.

Of course, with the game, it meant that Lee Young Ji and Jin’s hands had to occasionally touch to win the game.

Well, it seems like one ARMY might have found themselves getting a little jealous when seeing that scene. On Weverse, an ARMY shared an image from the video when Jin’s hand was touching Lee Young Ji’s and added the caption, “Kim Seokjin shiiii…. I’m crying.” 

| Weverse

They also put the lyrics to Justin Beiber’s song, “That Should Be Me,” which was because the lyrics directly linked to holding someone’s hand.

| Weverse

As expected, no matter how odd ARMYs found the post, Jin obviously replied to it, as he seems to have a habit of responding to the funniest posts. In his reply, he seemingly cleared up any misunderstandings.

I hit her hand.
I guess you can also say that I slammed my hand down.
Didn’t hold (her hands).

— Jin

| Weverse

When the answer was shared on social media, while many loved how direct Jin was, others cringed at the comment from the fan.

For many, it seemed like Jin wasn’t allowed to interact with any other females as the ARMY got “jealous” about the idea that he was holding Lee Young Ji’s hand.

Of course, Jin always makes sure to respond maturely, but it raises concerns about the “Gatekeeping” of idols by fans.

You can read more about Jin’s appearance on “My Alcohol Diary” below.

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Source: Weverse
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