BTS’s Jin Proves To Be Anything But A “Broke Millionaire” When Responding To Lee Young Ji’s Requests On “My Alcohol Diary”

Literally, everything Jin does is a flex!

BTS‘s Jin is young and rich, but he frequently seems to forget it! Although the members of BTS are rolling in riches these days, they’re still the same hilariously humble kings ARMY fell in love with!

Well, it seems like Jin has recently flexed his successful status as an idol and proved he is anything but a “Broke millionaire.”

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/Twitter

Recently, BTS’s Jin and rapper Lee Young Ji had netizens excited AF after the recent episode of My Alcohol Diary was released. From the minute it was announced, fans were excited and it truly lived up to the chaotic expectations people had.

BTS’s Jin (left) and Lee Young Ji (right) | @youngji_02/Instagram

Throughout the episode, Jin was truly a ray of sunshine and showcased that he’s truly a variety king. Whether it was spilling on HYBE‘s recording policies, why he wanted to appear on the show, or his drinking habits as a teenager, it was full of wholesome content.

Before Jin arrived, after spotting some paper, Lee Young Ji joked, “I think I can pay the monthly rent today,” before asking for a pen from the staff.

Although it might seem confusing, Lee Young Ji had the perfect plan to make the most of her global superstar guest. The rapper explained that every time Jin wanted to use the toilet, he had to pay ₩1.00 million KRW (about $697 USD).

Jin revealed that he had watched the show, so knew that her trick wouldn’t work as he revealed, “I even know that your bathroom is broken…”

Yet, Lee Young Ji still tried her luck explaining that if Jin did need to use the bathroom, he would have to send her money.

As expected from the global superstar, he explained that the price was nothing. So, Lee Young Ji put her entrepreneur hat on and made some changes to the sign.

Even though Jin joked that he couldn’t afford the latter figures, it was still hilarious to see Jin talking about a payment plan.

Yet, it wasn’t the only time Jin was able to flex during the episode. At one moment, Jin accidentally dropped something on his shirt and needed something to wipe. What hit fans were that the Dior jumper was actually a sponsored piece of clothing.

As expected, global superstar Jin is truly the epitome of “Flex.” Yet, after years of hard work and dedication, all the success and money has come from the success the group has earned.

You can read more from the episode below.


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