BTS’s Jin Personally Responds To ARMYs’ Concerns About The Price Of His New Merch

ARMYs praised his honesty!

When it was announced that BTS was going to be releasing their own merch, ARMYs couldn’t be more excited!

The first member to announce their merch was the group’s oldest member Jin and fans couldn’t get over just how cute the goods were, which consisted of two versions of pajamas and one pillow design. In particular, the designs were so cute that Jin had been promoting them for a while.

BTS’s Jin | HYBE  

As much as ARMYs loved the designs and meaning behind the outfits, one thing that stood out to fans worldwide was the price of the sets. The pajamas sell for ₩119,000 KRW (about $100 USD) per set, while the pillow costs ₩69,000 KRW (about $58.00 USD).

Yet, if ARMYs were shocked at the price HYBE was selling the merchandise for, they weren’t alone. Jin has already been promoting his merchandise on Instagram. He even shared a picture of himself with the pajamas and had the caption “Offer a price.”

| @Jin/ Instagram

It seems that even J-Hope thought that the pajamas should be affordable, even if his suggestion of “four dollars” might have been a step too far.

| @Jin/ Instagram

After the actual prices were revealed and ARMYs shared their views, Jin noticed these comments and revealed that he also had this view. In a post on Weverse, he explained that although he wanted the merchandise to be made of high-quality material, it was still surprising.

I did ask them to use a nice material for the pajamas. But what kind of price… I got surprised too.

— Jin

| Weverse

When Jin shared this update, fans flooded to social media supporting the idol for calling out the unfair prices of the merchandise. Many also joked about HYBE’s reaction to seeing Jin’s post.

There is no denying that the merchandise is amazing but with the adding shipping costs and possible customs, it definitely adds u. HYBE has not yet responded to the comments from ARMYs and Jin.

You can read all about their concerns about the price below.

ARMY Questions The Price Of BTS’s Artist-Made Goods

Source: Weverse


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