BTS’s Jin Reveals What Celebrities Asked Them When They Attended The 2020 GRAMMYs

Celebrities approached them first!

BTS broke down their history as a group in an interview with Vanity Fair. From their debut until present, they gave fans a front row seat to their experiences throughout the years.

| Vanity Fair

One of the highlights of their career was when they performed “Old Town Road” at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards held last January 26, 2020.

It was Jin who shared his impressions during the event. More than the actual performance, it was what happened behind the scenes that made it memorable.

It was really fun. This opportunity happened thanks to our fans and it brought a lot of attention to us.

— Jin

In fact, many of the celebrities who attended the show went up to BTS first to strike a conversation.

A lot of different artists came up to us to say ‘hi’.

— Jin

The one thing most of them asked? How to get such passionate fans!

[They] said, ‘Wow, your fans are so passionate. How do you do it?’

— Jin

ARMYs are known for their fervent devotion to BTS at all times. They constantly break records in streaming, online mentions, and more.

In Jin’s eyes, their GRAMMY performance was even more meaningful because of their interaction with other artists, and this was made possible thanks to ARMYs.

A lot of people approached us and connected with us because of our fans. We experienced a lot of that at the GRAMMYs so it was fascinating. So we’re really thankful and we had a lot of fun.

— Jin

To see more details about BTS’s career from their perspective, check out the full video below!

And if you haven’t seen it yet, click on the video below for BTS’s 2020 GRAMMY performance!

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