BTS’s Jin Gives Off Young, Rich, Start-Up CEO Vibes In A Recent Update

Leave some crumbs for the rest of us!

BTS‘s Mr. Worldwide Handsome, a.k.a, Jin, has always given off rich and princely vibes. How could he not, with his gorgeous face and tall physique? If you put him in a suit, you’re likely to get him giving off chaebol heir, born-to-be-rich, CEO vibes.

But put him in slightly more casual clothes, and you get the rich, young, start-up company CEO vibes! Jin uploaded the following set of photos onto his Instagram with the caption, “tried taking photos that look like a successful person.

| @jin/Instagram

What he means by that is the typical high-rise, sunset and all-glass windows office shot that many successful careermen (or women) post online.

| @jin/Instagram

His casual but expensive cardigan layered over a white shirt and tie makes him look like a young CEO getting off work.

| @jin/Instagram

J-Hope even played along with the comment, “That’s a really cool life…

| @jin/Instagram

While the photos are gorgeous and all, we have to wonder — isn’t he already successful? What is the man saying! Korean netizens seem to echo our sentiment.

| theqoo
  • “You’re…already successful”
  • “How much more do you want to succeed? A cool life”
  • “You’re already the epitome of a successful person”
  • “Can you even succeed even more?”
  • “Seokjin was successful from his birth”
  • “Seokjin you already have succeeded on a world class level. Your existence is already a successful person”

Leave some crumbs for the rest of us peasants, Jin!

Source: theqoo


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