An ARMY Told BTS’s RM And Jin That They Wanted To Marry V, And Their Reactions Couldn’t Have Been More Different To V’s

They need to join the queue!

When it comes to BTS, they have fans worldwide who praise them for their talent, visuals, and outstanding personalities. Unsurprisingly, it means that none of the members are ever short of marriage proposals as millions of ARMYs would do anything for a chance to marry one of the group.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

During the past few months, ARMYs have been more vocal about their marriage proposals to the members. During a Zoom call, one asked RM for his hand in marriage, and it seems like another member who is getting more proposals is V!

BTS’s RM and Jin recently sat down with fans on a live broadcast, played with some lego, and answered some questions from fans about pretty much everything and anything.


During the broadcast, one fan sent a comment which read, “Please tell Taehyung (V) to marry me.” Yet, whereas most members might have laughed or denied it, but Jin joked, saying, “Ahh, is Taehyung going to marry. Congratulations.


Rather than changing the subject, RM also got in on the fun, congratulating one of their youngest members on the marriage.


Whenever there is a wedding, there is always one thing on people’s minds: presents. If V was going to get married, he needed a present, and the dubbed duo of “Namjin” decided that maybe they should get him a refrigerator. RM agreed, adding, “Sure, he’s our member.


However, one of the first things that fans noticed was just how different their reaction was to V himself. Last year, many ARMYs proposed to V on the social media platform and, unlike his older members, he was less enthusiastic about the idea of getting married.

When several ARMYs asked for his hand in marriage, V had the funniest responses, and he just turned down one proposal.

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Whether V seems to know it or not, he is apparently getting married, and he won’t have to worry about having a fridge if RM and Jin can help it. Hopefully, they tell him before buying it because that might be awkward, but it shows how much the older members care for their younger brother.

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